Assessment Solutionsto help you get the formula right.

Recruit & retainthe right people for the right roles

Identify skills gapsfor targeted training

Deliverquality learning solutions

Succession planning:laying the groundwork

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About Us

About Us
HR solutions that are effective, flexible and affordable.

Applicant Tracking

 Applicant Tracking
Good Talent is hard to find.

Applicant Tracking provides an easy to use system supporting job postings and data collection.


Build consistent Job Descriptions in no time at all!


Tools for determining the profile of ideal candidates


E-learning tools and solutions for companies of all sizes

Right person, right role.

Tailored HR solutions for all businesses great and small.

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Getting the right person for a role helps you avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and improve company morale.

We offer solutions to help you get the formula right.

Psychometric Assessment, e-Learning and Management Development tools help you select the right person for a role with proven accuracy, and develop employees for succession planning. Regardless of your company size, validated, user-friendly products can be applied to all stages of the employment and development process to:

With over 30 years’ experience in assessment and people development, our partnerships with world leaders in the industry, and our innovative approach to products and service, we continue to deliver world-class products to our clients.

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Is your business in Coaching and or Consulting growing but lacking residual revenues- if so talk to us.