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Assess to Succeed (Head Office Australia & New Zealand)

Australia +61 (3) 9016 4267 

Mobile +61 (407) 305 315

Auckland +64 (9) 889 4461



Apposite Management Pty Ltd

+61 438 201 152

Based in Melbourne Apposite Management is working with both organisations and individuals to assist them in managing their strategic action plan with and through all stakeholders.

Apposite Management offers access to a range of assessment tools for both recruitment and staff development along with an e-learning suite of programs which lead to improved recruiting decisions and staff performance.

Apposite Management also provides facilitation services for team meetings and conferences. 

Apposite Management also has relationships with a number of consultants who are able to offer these services to a range of industries.

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Mindpower International 

P +61 4170 10507

For over 30 years Mindpower International has been delivering programs, courses and workshops to bussinesses and organisations. 

 With proven and measurable outoutcomes, Mindpower International,s goal is to deliver gap resolution strategies and processes that develop people to achieve peak performance in todays highly competitive and fast changing world.  Mindpower International offers a seemless "end to end process" from recruitment to ongoing development of employees.  Mindpower International provides assessment tools for recruitment and development purposes, personalised interactive workshops through to powerful eLearning which allow people to learn, apply and grow at their own pace in a cost - effective manner.

Mindpower international specioalises in the following areas whether it be delivering workshops and proven development programs or executive coaching -

  • Leadership Development
  • Management Skills
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Team Building 
  • Business Planning
  • Sales Skills 
  • Executive Coaching

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Change Revolution Group

P: 0418338131

With over 20 years in the “People Development” industry Change Revolution Group has the experience, knowledge and delivery methodology to achieve measurable results with real workplace application.

The “5 STEP” delivery process is designed to provide individual changes that lead to changes in the business.

Developing the potential of people is at the center of this process and is aligned to improved business performance.

The “5 STEP” Process:

  1. Assessment – understand the current levels of performance
  2. Provide a “GAP” analysis to determine future performance levels of people and business
  3. Tailor “Change Programs” that will provide a pathway to predetermined outcomes
  4. Deliver “On the Job” application.
  5. Measure outcomes for long term change.

We have now partnered with Assess To Succeed, a global organisation providing some of the World’s Best Practice Assessment tools.  These tools provide a clear and concise gap resolution and solution.  We can also help with your recruiting needs.

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New South Wales

Interock Pty Ltd


Interock is based in Sydney and works with a diverse client portfolio, to partner them in achieving greater success through:

  • Selecting and employing the best people
  • Managing and developing their people to achieve improved levels of role suitability, performance, productivity and bottom-line results

 Interock, through its association with HyComp Inc. also supplies a range of high temperature engineered thermoplastics for specialised wear applications in both high tech and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Interock is pleased to partner with Assess to Succeed in order to provide our customers with access to the wide range of premium assessment and blended e-learning products from Prevue and Indaba.  This partnership will enable our clients to achieve measurable improvements in the performance and productivity of their people, whilst also ensuring that they are able to select the most able and appropriate new recruits to their team.

Mob:     +61 400 441 666

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New South Wales

Brigalow Lane Pty Ltd

+61 2 8007 4834

Mob +61 421 114 146

Our highly skilled team of professionals bring over 40 years of experience with people into one portal to support your business growth.

Whether it is streamlining your hiring process, working with you to recruit and develop the best people, matching ‘Right People, in Right Roles’ or helping you to grow the capability of your existing team, VDG’s mission and values are clearly focused on client outcomes.

We are proud to partner with Assess To Succeed to bring world leading HR software solutions into your business at realistic and affordable prices. Our competitive hiring software is adaptable for any size of organisation and budget.

We will always ask what you need, listen to your thoughts and work with you and your people to deliver real results that help your business prosper.

Our core services include:

  • Online Recruitment - Applicant Tracking System implementation and support
  • 5th Generation Benchmarked Behavioural Assessments
  • Online training solutions to help your people reach their full potential
  • Strategic planning

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Western Austrailia


+61 401 295 046

Zeker focuses on equipping your organisation with tools to enhance the effectiveness of your recruiting decisions and develop the full potential of your people. 

Their goal is to deliver learning and assessment tools that optimize your people's effectiveness while reducing complexity. Their association with Assess to Succeed and therefore Prevue and DISCflex™ assessments helps them produce measurable improvements in performance and productivity. 

ZEKER also provides dynamic and effective team building and development programs specifically designed to deliver a superior outcome for your organisation. Assess to Succeed is proud to be associated with the team at Zeker.

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