As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said: “change is the only constant”.

Well, Heraclitus would have been amazed if he were able to look around today. What would surprise him the most? The computer, the internet, the mobile phone, or how we now work together in a 1.5-metre society? Recently much has changed, and will continue to, even faster than ever before. Change really happens when you give people space for renewal and innovation. According to Heraclitus, giving people space should be constant in our behaviour.

Does Change force us to rethink!

Currently the world is surely on the brink of one of the biggest changes that most of us will experience in our working lives.  As companies struggle to recognise just what the new normal looks like, so are some employees as they experience this new form of normal – working from home!  Governments are struggling with getting a handle on just what it will take to establish a safer environment with vaccines trialled – are they working, are they going to make enough difference quick enough for countries that are struggling to print enough money to support their ever-growing restless populations.  America is about to go through another major change in government and government policies – the UK is in lockdown while New Zealand and Australia are in their own lock-in, with borders essentially closed.  If in fact I had told you twelve months ago this is what the world would look like now you possibly would not have been able to conceive it! 

I believe that boards and shareholders measure companies by bottom line performance, often without an understanding of what causes this performance to happen!  Performance is about our ability to continue to perform going forward, having the right man/woman power to continue and to innovate. It is difficult to imagine, I know, but sometimes it's just about having the right people in the right roles in your company, trusting them and then just steering the ship.  What's the old saying 'get the passengers on the bus, employ a competent driver, and then steer a steady course to your destination with safety and security'. Running a business is very much like that. In this funny old world that we now live in, interview questions are becoming more and more important, with a number of these interviews being conducted either remotely via zoom or a similar platform, or via ear-to-ear communications.

Helping Customers Adapt To Change

In conversations with customers, Assess to Succeed talk about how we help them navigate through these times with the use of validated Assessment Technologies measuring Personality, Abilities and most importantly Job Fit!  Prevue though isn’t the only tool that we offer.  We also offer comprehensive 360 measurement for your existing staff and the DISCflex Assessment with eLearning attached to keep your employees ahead of the game.

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