To plan or not to plan, your choice!

To plan or not to plan, your choice! 

Peter Hosie

I was born in a rural town in New Zealand, Wanganui.  My mother and father at that stage owned an Ice Cream factory.  As I understand it visiting time at the hospital was a favorite time for the nursing staff and other patients as dad used to always bring up ice cream, on a stick, in a cone or even a cake, for the staff.  Time passed and so did the ice cream factory.  We shifted in time to Auckland where dad started driving trucks from there he went into the insurance industry.  Dad was somewhat of a planner he graduated through the insurance company until we ended up in Wellington with him working in head office.

Dad's role saw him travel extensively as he grew the agency network.  He planned to build the strongest representative force in the country,.  He did it successfully - now I know what you are saying.  Where is this story going?  Well you see it's about planning.  We didn't just end up in Wellington by accident it was by design and plan.  Personally I grew up on a diet of Maxwell Maltz the author of The book Psycho-Cybernetics and Napolian Hill author of bestselling business book 'Think and Grow Rich' along with a number of other motivational books.  Dad loved these and was an avid collector of motivational books and tapes.  I just listened and read and listened and read! 

I have been involved in the Adult learning industry most of my working life, working in sales, management, for Government and have also owned my own companies for a great deal of that time.  During this period I have worked in a number of different countries.  I chose in 2000 to move full time to Australia, according to customs and immigration I had been here almost every month since the 80's.   I worked again in the adult learning industry establishing a range of Psychometric tools for my then employer.  2010 was time again to plan and set up yet another new company, Assess To Succeed.  Assess to Succeed has grow by plan to the stage today where it has representation throughout South Pacific. 

So I guess the challenge today is what has changed.  We all know that if you don't plan then you will more than likely get exactly what you planned for 'nothing'.  In your current role have you looked forward to 2015 yet?  Do you know what your growth plans are both personal and business wise?  If not then it's time to start now, tomorrow will be too late.

At Assess To Succeed we specialize in working with organizations and individuals to help them achieve the most possible and stretch the boundaries.  You see as civilization has supposedly advanced the quote in  Maxwell Maltz's book was right and that the human brain is greater than any computer yet developed.  So there you are - you do have the opportunity to build your organisation of the future or just to remain as you are.  Your choice.  2015 will come and go, what do you want your legacy to be?