Wow where did 2014 go!

I was on the train going into the city the other day and started to reminisce – you know it just seems like yesterday when….. and you all know just how that story goes.  One of the things that became extremely real to me a number of years ago was the fact that we cannot change the past, we can learn from it but we cannot change it!

So where am I going with this?  If I cannot change the past then I must be able to influence the future surely?  Well just maybe, but it won’t be by chance you see as to change the future I will need to have a vision of what I want that future to look like.  If you read my last month’s article then you will know just where I am heading.  Yes that’s right it’s about planning again.

A good friend of mine, Tim, introduced me to a simple little app that I installed on my phone. The app is call ‘Days Until’.  When Tim first introduced me to this I never realised the power of it.  The app allows you to set a goal at some stage in the future.  Now those of you who know the power of goals will know exactly what I am talking about, because if all we do is dream about what we want then that’s exactly what it will be a dream.  Turn it into a goal then it is something that has an end or achievement point.  Yes, I can hear what you are saying again, ‘what if I don’t achieve it’?  Well if you didn’t achieve it then you really did not set the priority high enough, or alternately the goal was either set at an unrealistic level, or because of circumstances priorities shifted – either way if you don’t for some reason achieve your goal revisit it and  reset it based on your new reality.  The best goals are those that include a series of small milestone steps or ‘mini goals’.  

Goals must be what is commonly called:-

SMART, and a SMART goal is:-


The app only sets the end date or the date that you will achieve it.  The rest is up to you.  I know for a fact that Tim achieved his goal and I am sure he continues to plan using this method.

In Assess to Succeed our goal is to provide easy to use validated, cost effective Assessment and e-Learning tools to both industry and individuals.  We have a service ethos that ensures that our participants and client users have an experience that makes them keep coming back.  Obviously there is a lot more behind that, but we do count it a privilege to work with our many distribution channels and clients.  Is it working?  You bet it is.  We have shown year on year growth of better than 100% in revenues.

We want to say thanks for your support during calendar 2014.  We implore you to take time out over the Christmas New Year period and to come back to work refreshed, with some very specific SMART goals and looking forward to 2015.