Development and Coaching

Development and Coaching

Prevue Assessment offers an effective method of assessing the characteristics of your employees based on the following:

4 Measures of Ability

3 Interest/Motivation Scales

13 Personality Scales

4 Working Characteristics

The results of these measurements can then be used to plot work strategies that maximise the employee’s talents and supplement their shortcomings. Employees who are unaware of their strengths and weaknesses can get stuck in a position and be the cause of unrest among peers. What our system does is give every employee the right information that can assist them to identify skill gaps - enabling them then to research the tools needed to achieve their full potential. 

In general, making sure that your employees perform at their best will result to better overall performance of your organisation.


The Development and Coaching Solutions take advantage of the power of the Prevue Benchmarks. The benchmark pinpoints the preferred qualities of an employee that will affect a certain position.


Our clients receive all reports instantly through the Prevue Online platforms. All they have to do is input the name and email address of the applicants that need assessment and the system will automate the process:

  • Inviting candidates to complete the online Prevue Assessment Questionnaire
  • And after the candidate completes the Prevue Assessment, Prevue Online analyses the information collected and sends this information to the hiring or coaching managers in report form.