Testimonials Prevue

  1. “Prevue Assessments are a great tool to help ensure we get the right person for each of the positions we are hiring for. Our turnover for hard to fill positions is down significantly – well worth the investment.”

    Lori Howe
    Director, People Potential
    Scotia Dealer Advantage

  2. “We have screened over 3,000 job applicants economically and efficiently through the Prevue Assessment Unlimited Use Program.  In doing so the Prevue adds a valuable second opinion to our entire recruiting and selection program. “

    Erin Lau
    Skillstorm Inc.

  3. “Prevue Assessments are hands down the best pre-employment testing tools in the market.  We have used this service for over 4 years and it is right on the mark in making the final determination to hire the best Candidate for the job!”

    Cindi Ferrara Elstien
    Senior VP – Human Resources

  4. “We have been using Prevue Assessments to hire all our sales staff for now going on to our third year.  We don’t hire anyone without first measuring their Job Fit using this excellent HR tool.”

    Chris Irving
    The Supplies Guys

  5. “Prevue Assessment's profile service is an integral part of our hiring process. The feedback that we receive assists us in making the best employee hiring decisions.   I highly recommend them!”.

    Steve Glover
    Senior Vice President

  6. “Since we started using Prevue Assessments to aid us in the hiring of new Registered Practical Nurses we’ve noticed an increased in the quality of new hires and a reduction in employee turnover.”

    Stav D'Andrea
    Director, Human Resources
    Bridgepoint Health

  7. “We have been using the Prevue Assessment for Selection, Succession Planning and Coaching for years.  This is the best tool to match people to jobs that I have ever seen”

    Carman Adair
    Chief Operating Officer
    Henry Schein Arcona Inc.

  8. “We became Prevue distributors early in 1996, Prevue was the best assessment available in the market place then and it is still the best assessment available today”.

    Trevor West
    Psychometrics West

  9.  “We chose the Prevue from other assessment tools as it measures the candidates in a much broader sense. The tool is so easy to read that there is little to no training needed. We found it an “Out of box” solution while utilising our time, and the candidate’s time more productively with each project that we complete.  ...the Prevue has it all at a fair price.” 

    Sean Swainson
    miQwest  Inc. 

  10. “View has become a valued business partner of Nitto.  In a world where candidates are savvy interviewers, it helps to utilise additional resources to validate hiring decisions; Prevue has provided us with that additional level of assurance. “

    Robin S. Andrew
    General Manager, Operations
    Nitto Dinko America Inc.

  11. “We started using the Prevue Assessment three years ago as a tool to help us assess the suitability of different candidates for certain key positions within the company.  As a result we have been extremely successful with the candidates we promoted or hired.  The candidates were also very impressed with the assessment and quite enjoyed the process and the insight they garnished about themselves”

    Jane Thorne, CGA
    Crosby Property Management Ltd.

  12. “I cannot emphasise enough the importance of hiring the right individuals for our organisations.  The costs associated with the hiring process and the training of new team members far exceeds the costs associated with the Prevue tests.   Our managers rely on the results of the Prevue.”

    Linda Hamilton
    Director of Finance
    Vanguard Plastics

  13. “It is our opinion that the Prevue Assessment is the best business tool of its kind.  It presents an accurate and complete picture of the individual it assesses. ... What started out as a “bread and butter” source of revenue has turned out to be a major source of income for us!”

    Dan Monteiro
    Catalyst Training Services Inc.

  14. “Compared against any other instrument on the market, Prevue wins hands down”

    Dr. Ira Wolfe,
    Success Performance Solutions